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Volkswagen Works on a New Hi-Tech Flagship Model

The Volkswagen Project Trinity will be autonomous, and ride on a bespoke EV platform.

To build the vehicle, the automaker is going to use a radically new innovative process of manufacture.

The latest teaser describes the newcomer as “a highly efficient flat-seat concept with an iconic design – our innovation leader.”

What we can see is that the car is unusually wide. Such size implies a specific architecture – “a state-of-the-art flat-panel electrical platform.” Perhaps, it’ll be an evolutionary variant of VW’s MEB on which the ID.3 sits.

The Volkswagen Project Trinity will offer the Level 2 autonomy. The company will make it “Level 4 ready” meaning that steering, acceleration and braking operate without the driver involvement.

Volkswagen has not revealed the timeframe for the model arrival yet. We’ll be waiting for news.

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