Opel Told About New Off-Road Versions Of the Combo Cargo And Vivaro

Opel Told About New Off-Road Versions Of the Combo Cargo And Vivaro

Opel says all-wheel drive and high ground clearance will allow the 4×4 Combo and Vivaro to go anywhere, anytime.

The AWD Combo and Vivaro drivers can choose between the Eco and Auto 4WD driving modes. A small rotary selector is located on the instrument panel.

In the Eco mode, the 4×4 system is deactivated, and the vehicles are only front-wheel drive, which reduces fuel consumption and emissions. This is, for example, reasonable on the track.

If the driving becomes more rigid, the driver can switch to the Auto 4WD mode without stopping. In this case, as soon as the front wheels begin to lose traction, the viscous clutch of the center differential transfers part of the tractive effort to the rear axle. For even more challenging road conditions, drivers can select R Lock to further lock the rear axle.

Opel Combo 4x4 image

The range of useful equipment includes automatic cruise control, driver drowsiness alert, forward collision alert with pedestrian detection and automatic emergency braking, side blind spot alert and advance display.

The 4×4 Cargo has a Surround Rear Vision option. This technology increases rear visibility, especially when the vehicle is fully loaded. A second camera in the door mirror reduces the passenger side blind spot.

Opel Vivaro 4x4 image

The Vivaro 4×4 buyers will be able to order the vehicle with lane keeping assist, traffic sign recognition, driver sleep alert, semi-adaptive cruise control, forward collision alert and emergency braking.

In Germany, all-wheel drive is installed by Dangel. AWD for the Combo Cargo will cost 6,400 euros, for the Vivaro – 6,665 euros. In addition, you’ll pay 1,000 and 300 euros for preparations for the conversion, respectively.


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