Opel Reveals Details About the New Mokka Step by Step

Opel Reveals Details About the New Mokka Step by Step

In anticipation of the debut of the new-generation Opel Mokka, the automaker continues gradually revealing new details about the model. Opel focuses on the next Mokka’s nameplate.

The company from Rüsselsheim showed off the new nameplate for the second-gen Opel Mokka, which is being prepared to enter the market. Now the name of the car will be centered and come without any indexes or numerals.

According to Mark Adams, Vice President and Opel’s Head of Design, the nameplate illustrates the absolute accuracy of the new Mokka. Clear signatures are stretched out in a wide format and spaced so as to emphasize the vehicle’s width.

Opel Mokka Logo

Placement of the nameplate in the center has some philosophical meaning too. Adams called it the “Opel’s Compass,” in which key visual elements are located along the vertical and horizontal axes. In the Mokka-e all-electric version, the name will be supplemented only by the letter “e”.

Two days earlier, the automaker teased with pictures of the novelty, completely hidden under the cover. Nothing can be seen except thin rear lights.

Opel published the pictures of test prototypes, which can give more information about the proportions and appearance. The company will apparently fully redesign the next gen model.

The new Mokka is undergoing last road tests now before the launch into mass production at the end of this year.

What else do we know about the upcoming Opel Mokka?

  • It will be 120 kg lighter than the previous model
  • Opel tested the chassis and auxiliary systems in the Arctic
  • The carmaker plans to develop the pure electric Mokka-e
  • The new Mokka will hit the market in early 2021.

We remind that PSA Peugeot Citroën purchased Opel in 2017 from General Motors.


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