MINI Works on a High-Performance Electric Safety Car

MINI Works on a High-Performance Electric Safety Car

MINI has published a teaser image of an electric safety car on its Twitter.

The fact that MINI is developing a high-performance electric vehicle is not news at all. Back in December, it released some photos of such a prototype.

The latest teaser clearly points to electric mobility: absence of tailpipes and rear fog light in the middle of the diffuser instead, a promising hashtag “#ElectricThrillMaximised”.

The most noticeable and interesting detail is bright lights. They identify the vehicle as a safety or pace car.* This may mean the MINI to be the safety car for Formula E, given that BMW has provided safety cars (i series models) for a few years.

It’s only our assumption, since we do not know yet when MINI will unveil the model, and what it’ll actually be. The Formula E season has already begun, by the way. 

*In motorsport, a safety car or pace car is a vehicle that serves to limit speeds of competing cars on a racetrack in case of a caution period (obstruction on the track, bad weather).

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