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Mercedes-AMG Tests a New Version of Its Giant G-Class 4×4²

A new generation of the high-performance SUV is being tested on public roads. The prototype is still in the previous body.

The new Mercedes-AMG G-Class 4×4² was spied during tests on city streets, according to Autocar. There is no camouflage, since there is nothing special to hide: the new SUV is being tested in its old body so far.

This means that the debut of the serial version of the most extreme and rugged Gelandewagen will take place no earlier than 2021.

The engine is still unknown, but Autocar believes the new 4×4 ² will likely get the same 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 with 580 hp as the latest AMG G63.

Designers will possibly reduce the engine’s power output due to the performance limitations of its tires and raised chassis. Expect the new G-Class 4×4² will be more expensive than the AMG G63 which costs from $180,000.

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