All-new Skoda Fabia Is Half a Step Away from Series Production

All-new Skoda Fabia Is Half a Step Away from Series Production

Engineers have entered the home stretch in the development of the fourth-generation Fabia.

Skoda’s official website published a photo and a video of tests of the next Skoda Fabia hatchback. The test prototype, of course, hides under the camouflage, but it covers the almost production-ready model.

Skoda itself says of the final stage of development. The company’s engineers simulate various driving situations, test and tune the new Fabia on a ‘secret’ test track, as the manufacturer explains.

Skoda has not announced details about the new product yet, but the company informs of a drag coefficient that is reduced from 0.32 to 0.28. With such figures the new Skoda Fabia will become the best in the small car segment.

As for its design, the camouflage allows seeing that the fourth-generation Fabia inherits styling of the front end from the latest Skoda Octavia. The new hatchback’s aggressive grille and headlights take away a certain touch of idyll the predecessors had.

When can we expect the fourth generation Fabia to debut? Skoda is still silent, and in a pandemic reality it is thankless to make predictions. However, we venture to suggest that the series 2022 Skoda Fabia will arrive in late summer – early autumn of 2021.

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